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Notice of Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence
Aug 1, 2017

Notice of Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence


Employers are reminded of a new law that was passed last year, AB 2337, that requires employers with 25 or more employees to give employees notice of their rights under Labor Code sections 230 and 230.1 to take leave and/or to accommodations related to being the victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.  The notice requirement took effect July 1 of this year and the Labor Commissioner’s office recently published a form notice that employers may use.  The notice is available here.  Employers must provide this notice to all new employees and to current employees upon request.  Employers do not need to use the exact notice form published by the Labor Commissioner, but may instead develop their own policy or notice so long as it contains substantially the same information provided in the Labor Commissioner’s published notice, and it is provided to all new hires and to current employees upon request.  Covered employers who are not already providing this notice should take steps to comply now.

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